What is Land's End?

Land's End is something that's been stuck in my head and my sketchbook since about 2012. Maybe a year or two earlier. At least the characters were. Basically, the premise is that Molly, a "badass ex-girl scout" lives with her older brother in the American town of Land's End, a place where there's magic in the air and strange things happening.  It's not about the MYSTERIES of Land's End though, moreso it's about enjoying the chaos it brings. 

The idea for Molly and her brother was always that they lived in an upstairs apartment run by the owner in the downstairs.  A house rebuilt into a duplex--It's a common practice around here. The landlord was always supposed to be drunk, he would always be with a roommate who was always stoned, and they would be tasked with being her chaperone while her older brother, Mister, works multiple jobs. Not the best sitters, Molly would end up having to be more grown up than the people around her. The roommates would be named Joe & Mac, based off an old video game.

Mister, on the other hand, is, uh, dimensionally mutated and deconstructed. It's okay now though because he's superhuman and immortal or whatever. No longer requiring sleep, he functions simply by consuming sunlight, transferring it into electrical energy, and uses all his free time to work shifts to pay the bills.  Immortality sure is fun in America!

So, fast forward, I've mostly just scrapped this idea, and I'm working on Game Punks, something that just kind of fell into my lap and I rolled with. Then it hits me--These characters, Ralph and Lizzie, two characters who's names are based off an old video game, are...The characters that belonged in Molly's story.  The were the exact characters I had created but never thought about. Inevitably, the canons deserved to be blurred. So, where do the Game Punks live? Well...Why not the town from my sketchbooks? We only ever see these guys inside their house.  Why not make them permanent residents? So, all the hidden lore of Game Punks (and I DO hope you've been paying attention to the subtle lore building!) gets cashed in and we get to see these guys do something cooler than sit on a freakin' couch all day.

And that's the premise of Land's End. We'll learn more about this town and the state of Quixotica in due time, and I hope ya'll enjoy your stay.