Who is Troy Hubert?

Troy Hubert is a guy who draws stuff. Some people call those guys artists. That's a strong word though. He--and quite comfortably a he--spent more time doodling in his grade school books than actually taking notes, because drawing was an escape from the cruel, horrifying reality that is public school. And then, he stopped in favor of a dead end job to pay the bills.

Flash forward to, like, his 30s, he's pissed and angry, his soul feels unfulfilled, and he realizes there's more to life than just punk rock and video games. Or is there? Maybe punk rock and video games IS life. Maybe redrawing the world around you IS punk. And maybe these mortal vessels we control for the limited time on this ungodly earth isn't so far out of reach from the concept of a video game.

So, I guess, you could call this the soundtrack of his life.